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Picture of Priya Venkateshan Independent Consultant

Priya Venkateshan

Independent Software Professional

702 881 6184



3515 Rapid Creek Ln,Fulshear, TX 77441


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Hello! I'm Priya

I am Senior / Lead Developer with 13 years of experience in various aspects of SDLC. I have a proven track record of working on and picking up entirely new codebases and technologies quickly and delivering business values to my clients and employers. Looking forward to helping you with your software development needs.




Senior Developer Consultant

Thoughtworks Inc.

Grocery Chain

  • Increased engineering effectiveness by optimizing the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Fixed issues in Angular and Rest API of the web application.

  • Mentored team members to understand their pain points and also mentor them in career progression.

  • Lead the transition of the team responsibilities to an external vendor chosen by client.

  • Fostered relationships with client, new vendor and ThoughtWorks client leadership to enable a smooth transition.


Telecommunications Company

  • Accelerated development time using pair programming.

  • Implemented new features and fixed issues in React based web application.

  • Increased clarity around feature implementation.

  • Proactively improved the accessibility of the new feature regarding the french translation.

  • Mentored team mates on task estimation and assertive communication.


Fintech Company

  • Responsible for delivering Phase 2 of the  Robo advisor site customized for their banking customer.

  • Implemented the newly redesigned screens in AngularJS.

  • Dedebugged and resolved issues arising from the new implementation.


Java EE Developer III

Zions Bancorporation

  • Responsible for troubleshooting production issues on StrongAuth API (zions proprietary API) for identity management for  zions online  banking and  their Treasury Gateway Portal

  • Implementing UI changes as part of their  Treasury  Gateway    Portal

  • Responsible for running their maven and gradle builds to test changes and fixes to spring mvc, spring batch and liquibase code.


Java Developer

  • Updated Fusion Spring Boot Application to support a new version of EFax API.

  •  Worked on bug fixes and enhancements for Spring Boot based MobileManifest API; Worked on bug fixes and new features for Spring Boot based Phoenix Payroll.

  •  Created a new soap endpoint in the DFA SOAP Interfaces that adds messages to a RabbitMQ queue.

  • Created a new asset manager user role and rest controller to Create/Update/Delete asset manager.

  • Update existing REST API to grant access to users with the role as asset manager.

  •  Update JUnit tests when a new version of Mobile Manifest API was created.


Senior Application Developer

Coventry Healthcare Inc.(Aetna/CVS Health)

  • Developing enhancements and fixes for a customer facing Weblogic Portal; Designing, coding, testing and production   deployment of code; Implemented a SAML based SSO between Weblogic Federation services and Ping Federate; Worked on both backend and UI changes for the MyOnlineServices web portal.

  • Acted as deployment lead for production deployments; Acted as team lead for projects involving multiple developers from onsite and offshore.

  • Troubleshooting security issues and refactored code to be more secure; Fixing production issues for the company’s MyOnlineServices web portal.

  • Completed proof of concept for SAML1.1 SSO implementation.

  • Implemented SAML 1.1 based SSO using Weblogic Server as the Identity Provider and Ping Federate as the Service Provider; Designed and implemented custom mappers for the SAML1.1 implementation.

  • Provide bug fixes for production issues for the company’s MyOnlineServices web portal;


Subscribermail(Harland Clarke)

Java Developer

  • Developed their brand new compliance email archiving product called Vault.

  • The Vault was designed to meet all SEC regulations for compliance archiving of emails; Implemented indexing and searching of the archive data using Lucene API.

  • Designed the vault for multi-threaded access; Implemented NetApps SnapLock activation using java.

  • Implemented various design patterns such as Composite pattern and Façade pattern to deliver a solid solution that is adaptable to future changes; Implemented email and html parsing using open source APIs such Jericho HTML Parser and JavaMail Implemented efficient disk access/writing using Java NIO package.

  • Vault provides REST web services that are used in the GUI and also to retrieve the archived emails.

  • GUI was developed using AJAX and JQuery.

  • Worked in an agile environment with daily standups; Developed JUnit test cases and applied TDD methodology.


Technology Analyst

Infosys Inc.(Sears/Kmart)

  • Provide 24x7 Production Support for their ecommerce site; Design and develop enhancements and bug fixes for the post order module;

  • Design and develop java enhancements for the company’s e-commerce websites, including and

  • Act as liaison between onsite business users and offshore development team.

  • Communicate with business users and offshore developers and act as a liaison between them.

  • Responding to application support calls, documenting issues, assigning them to developers, driving them to resolution and tracking and reporting status to the business team.

  • Perform QA checks on changes and fixes.

  • Develop fixes and enhancements for enterprise level application system, technologies include:DB2, JSP, XML, e-commerce (B2C) implementations architecture Websphere Commerce Server (WCS) ,Spring and Hibernate Develop fixes and enhancements to Server Side component framework using WebSphere Commerce Server (WCS) and commands like Controller command, Task command, View command, JavaBeans, EJB’S several design patterns - Model View Controller (MVC), Command design pattern, Display design pattern; Update components in the WebsphereCommerceServerExtensionsLogic project from the Websphere Commerce Workspace.


Walgreens, Inc.

Technology Analyst

  • Provided 24x7 Production Support as part of a 10 member team for PatientLogixTM a Java/JSP based complex web application.

  • Designed and developed JUnit test scripts for application enhancements; Designed and developed the billing module of the PatientLogixTM application – a custom application developed to replace 3 legacy systems; Triage of bugs and designing, coding and testing of fixes and enhancements to PatientLogixTM

  •  Organized and facilitated meetings involving resources from diverse backgrounds such as healthcare billing, tax, customer service, pharmacy, management and IT.

  • Developed flow diagrams and design documents to record user requirements; Conducted extensive user reviews to make sure the design met user specifications; Designed and developed interfaces with external applications using AbInitio (ETL tool); Designed,developed and tested data extraction job in AbInitio.

  •  Acted as lead and primary resource for data conversion activities from legacy systems.

  •  Independently developed utilities using excel, access and UNIX to automate legacy data preparation.

  •  Independently developed ad-hoc SQL queries/reports in ORACLE.




Bachelor of Engineering

University of Madras



Walgreens, Inc.
CVS Health, Inc
Infosys, Inc.
Thoughtworks, Inc.



Spring Boot







I'M A Senior/Lead SoftwareDeveloper

I am Senior / Lead Developer with 13 years of experience in various aspects of SDLC. I have a proven track record of working on and picking up entirely new codebases and technologies quickly and delivering business values to my clients and employers. Looking forward to helping you with your software development needs.

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